Electrolysis module EOM

Our electrolysis module EOM is also designed as a 19-inch plug-in module. Core of the electrolysis module is the S30-x stack from H-TEC Systems. We have added all the necessary components to the core to create a functional and safe electrolysis module.
The electrolysis module can be equipped with the S30-10, S30-30 or S30-50 stack

Technical data of electrolysis modules EOM/x/16M

Dimensions (width x depth x height)19“ x 405 mm x 13 HU19“ x 405 mm x 13 HU19“ x 405 mm x 13 HU
Hydrogen production0,22 Nm³/h or 0,02 kg/h0,22 Nm³/h or 0,02 kg/h0,22 Nm³/h or 0,02 kg/h
Hydrogen purity99,95 %99,95 %99,95 %
(Hydrogen) pressure at outlet15 bar(a)15 bar(a)15 bar(a)
Weightapprox. 50 kgapprox. 50 kgapprox. 50 kg
Built-in electrolysis stackH-TEC S30/10H-TEC S30/30H-TEC S30/50
Required water quality at inlet< 0,1 μS/cm< 0,1 μS/cm< 0,1 μS/cm
Process water consumption
(with condensate recirculation)
approx. 1 l/Nm³approx. 1 l/Nm³approx. 1 l/Nm³
Master modulecomplete control
complete control
complete control
Power supply peripheralsAppliance coupler
(IEC-60320 C14)
Appliance coupler
(IEC-60320 C14)
Appliance coupler
(IEC-60320 C14)
Power supply electrolysis stackHarting HAN 6Harting HAN 6Harting HAN 6
Communication interface control2 x RJ45 (EtherCat)2 x RJ45 (EtherCat)2 x RJ45 (EtherCat)
Communication interface power supplyM8 4-pinM8 4-pinM8 4-pin

Technical data of the S30-x stacks

Nominal stack power1 kW3 kW5 kW
Nominal H2 production0,22 Nm³/h0,66 Nm³/h1,1 Nm³/h
MTTF35.000 operating hours35.000 operating hours35.000 operating hours
min. (Begin of Life)
max. (End of Life)
16,5 VDC
25 VDC
49,5 VDC
75 VDC
82,5 VDC
125 VDC
15 A
52,5 A
75 A
15 A
52,5 A
75 A
15 A
52,5 A
75 A
lower partial load
peak load
0,26 kW
1,0 kW
1,88 kW
0,77 kW
3,0 kW
5,63 kW
1,24 kW
5,0 kW
9,38 kW

Water purification module EWM

Very pure water is necessary for the operation of the electrolysis. For this reason, we prepare the water in our EWM water purification module directly on site. The customer only needs a water connection with tap water of drinking water quality.
The water is treated using standard ion exchangers. Depending on the existing water quality (water hardness), these must be replaced at shorter or longer intervals. An appropriate measuring technique informs the customer in time about an upcoming exchange of the ion exchange resin.
The water purification module is designed as a 19“ rack.

Technical data of the water purification module EWM/5

Dimensions (width x depth x height)19“ x 458 mm x 15 HU
Tare weightapprox. 42 kg
Purification volume5 l/h
Purification capacity300 - 1.000 h (depending on water quality)
Purification methodStandard ion exchanger
Required water quality at inletDrinking water according to drinking water regulations
Water quality after treatment< 1,0 µS/cm
Water supply connection1x ½“ male G-thread
Connection of overflow1 x hose connection DN 10/12
Connection of process water1x ½“ male G-thread
Interface sensor/actuatorHarting HAN 3B (male)

Electrolysis power module ESM

The electrolysis module must be supplied with electricity to produce hydrogen. For this purpose we use a robust industrial power supply unit in 19‘‘ standard format.
Depending on the existing situation on site you can choose between an AC/DC power supply with 400 VAC three-phase connection or a DC/DC power supply with 48 VDC connection.
Across the electrolysis 3 voltage levels are currently used: 400 VAC, 230 VAC and 24 VDC

Technical data of the electrolysis power module ESM/5/AC

(width x depth x height)
19“ x 640 mm x 2 HU
Weightapprox. 15 kg
Power2 x 5 kW
Power Input3-phasig, 380-480 V, 47/63 Hz
Output voltage0-150 V
Output current0-68 A
Volume level< 70 dB(A)

Electrolysis cooling module EKM

The stack of the electrolysis module must be cooled during operation. The operating temperature is between 55 and 65 °C.
We use a standard industrial cooler in 19‘‘ rack format for cooling.

Technical data of the electrolysis cooling module EKM

(width x depth x height)
19“ x 640 mm x 9 HU
Tare weightapprox. 70 kg
Cooling power2.100 W (at 20 °C water temperature and 35 °C ambient temperature)
CoolantDeionized water
Water inlets2 x ½“ female G-thread
Power supply230 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Flow rate9 l/min at 4,5 bar
Volume level< 70 dB(A) (1 m distance)
Communication interfaceSUB-D FM, RS 232
Operating temperature+15 °C to +40 °C
Conditions of storage and transport+5 °C to +65 °C
(at 10% to 75% humidity)
Ventilation/airflow1.200 m³/h
ConformityCE marking

Electrolysis frame module ERM

Our electrolysis frame module is the platform in which all other modules can be mounted. The electrolysis frame module is available with one or two compartments for 19-inch racks. In the standard version it is equipped with stands and powder-coated in light grey. Other RAL colors, castors and doors with acrylic glass panels are optionally available.
If a mounting platform in 19-inch format is already available, the modules can of course also be integrated into the existing structure.

Technical data of the electrolysis frame module ERM/II

Dimensions (width x depth x height)1.200 x 1.000 x 1.992 mm
Weight370 kg
Plug-in modules (width x height)2 compartments à 19“ x 39 HU
Coating/VarnishingPowder-coated with RAL 7035 (light grey)
Doors2 each in front and back, lockable, up to 180° opening angle
Space requirement (width x height):
Front access only
Access on both sides

1.200 x 1.530 mm (1,84 m²)
1.200 x 2.060 mm (2,48 m²)
StandsHeight-adjustable feet
Optionalcastors, RAL color of your choice, doors with acrylic glass panels

All data in the tables are provisional, non-binding and subject to change.