ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions GmbH develops modular electrolysis systems for individual hydrogen production, storage and use.

With the modular electrolysis system from ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions GmbH, local and autonomous energy supply is now within reach. Hydrogen is produced locally using electricity from renewable energies such as photovoltaics or wind as well as water. This allows electricity from sunny days to be stored so that it can be used to generate electricity and heat in winter. A fuel cell or a Wankel engine is used to reconvert the energy back into electricity. This means that residential areas, businesses and hotels can supply themselves with locally and sustainably produced electricity and heat all year round.

“The aspect of local autonomy is very important to us,” says Dr. Markus Ostermeier, one of the two founders of ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions GmbH. “Our motto is ‘Power to the People! Our mission is to empower local communities to regain control over their energy and thus be independent of developments on the international energy market.”

Individually tailored to local needs

The electrolysis system is fully modular and fits compactly into a 19-inch cabinet. The basic version of the modular system consists of the electrolysis module, the base module and the control module. The electrolysis output offered is between 5-500 kW. This corresponds to a hydrogen production of 1-100 Nm3/h.

The base module – like the control module – is designed for one to five electrolysis modules. Here, drinking water is treated to produce process water, the hydrogen produced is post-processed and the heat generated is made available for use.

Other customized modules for special applications are available on request, such as an H2 fine drying module or a de-oxidation module. A battery module serves as a short-term buffer storage. The hydrogen itself is stored externally in cylinders. A fuel cell or a Wankel engine is provided as a module for reconversion into electricity.

Thanks to this modular design, hydrogen production can be adapted individually and cost-effectively to the respective areas of application. In addition to the long-term storage of renewable electricity, the modular electrolysis system from ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions can be used to produce hydrogen in industry and for mobility. Laboratories can produce their hydrogen on site as required instead of buying it in bottles. Logistics companies, for example, can refuel their forklift fleets.

The first plants are located in Bremerhaven and at Fraunhofer Institutes. The company is already discussing complete systems with interested parties worldwide. ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions relies on a strong network of sales and service partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The company:

ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions GmbH was founded in April 2021 by the brothers Markus and Peter Ostermeier.

Dr. Markus Ostermeier studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and received his doctorate with a focus on foundry engineering. His career then led him into the energy sector.

After working in a corporate group, at MAN Diesel and Turbo in power plant construction, he founded a start-up for biological methanation and worked at CM Fluids AG, a company for biomethane-based mobility solutions.

Peter Ostermeier studied mechanical engineering at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences and took over the medium-sized family business Klaus Ostermeier GmbH, which specializes in waste disposal systems for laundry and waste, chimneys and sheet metal processing. Phoenix Thermal Solutions GmbH, a specialist for industrial furnaces, has been part of the company since 2013.

For ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions GmbH, this results in an optimal synergy. Markus Ostermeier is responsible for strategy, business development and sales, while Peter Ostermeier uses his experience in manufacturing and product development. The company now has five employees and is continuing to grow.

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