Ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions among the TOP 15 energy-start-ups

Schweitenkirchen, 16.09.2020 – Ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions has been selected by a jury of experts as one of the 15 best energy-start-ups in the Energy-Start-up Bavaria 2020 competition (https://www.energie-startup.bayern/wettbewerb/halbfinale).

Ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions is still a business unit of Klaus Ostermeier GmbH, based in Schweitenkirchen. But the process of the spin-off is in full progress, so that the hydrogen activities of Ostermeier GmbH will be bundled in a separate start-up company in the future, ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions GmbH.

At the end of 2018 the managing director of Ostermeier GmbH, Peter Ostermeier, decided to establish a further mainstay in the field of renewable energies together with his brother Dr. Markus Ostermeier. Due to his professional background, the decision was made to focus on hydrogen. The aim is to develop an H2 battery which will allow smaller residential units, medium-sized commercial enterprises or hotels to store their surplus PV or wind power in the form of hydrogen over longer periods of time and convert it back into electricity (and heat) when required. This enables them to increase their energy autonomy.

The first component of the H2 battery, electrolysis, will be presented on 7.11.2020 at an in-house exhibition in Schweitenkirchen. The other components are then to follow next year. To enable faster growth, it has been decided to spin off the business area into a start-up. This will provide the opportunity to bring external investors on board.
It is particularly pleasing that the idea and the business model was able to inspire the competition Energie Start-up Bayern 2020. Therefore, ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions will be able to compete in the semi-final on 24.9.2020 to reach the final.

About Klaus Ostermeier GmbH

It was founded in 1978 in Eching near Munich. Klaus Ostermeier GmbH is the world market leader for premium waste, laundry and paper disposal systems. The product portfolio of the company, which has been based in Schweitenkirchen since 1991, now includes a wide range of services in sheet metal and metal processing as well as in metal construction. Since 2014 Klaus Ostermeier GmbH has held a majority stake in Phoenix Thermal Solutions GmbH. This company offers heating and drying furnaces worldwide. Customers can always rely on the competence in planning, execution and service.

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