Modular electrolysis for the decentralised generation of hydrogen from e.g. PV electricity

Schweitenkirchen, 18.12.2018 – Klaus Ostermeier GmbH is entering the energy market with a new product with the construction of a modular electrolysis kit in the power range of 5-30 kW. Ostermeier GmbH is purchasing the core module, the stacks for its electrolysis, from H-TEC Systems GmbH, which is represented in Augsburg. The stacks of the S30 series will be installed.

The modular electrolysis addresses two market segments: the production of hydrogen for material use and the storage of fluctuating renewable (PV) electricity.

Hydrogen is needed for many applications in research and industry. Today, hydrogen is mainly produced from fossil natural gas and thus contributes to global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. Hydrogen can be produced much more environmentally friendly by splitting water with renewable electricity.

The electrolysis of Ostermeier GmbH is designed for two areas of application. Research institutions or companies that need hydrogen and currently obtain it from pressure cylinders will be able to produce hydrogen on site in the future according to their own needs. The costs for bottle logistics and bottle rental can then be saved.

For the many operators of decentralised PV systems in the output range between 15 and 300 kWp, whose systems no longer receive EEG subsidies, a recycling alternative opens up. Electricity that cannot be marketed can be refined into hydrogen and thus made storable over longer periods of time. In addition to re-generating electricity, its use as a fuel for hydrogen vehicles would also be conceivable.

The modular electrolysis kit is currently planned in the nominal power sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kW. First enquiries from pilot customers have already been received. From the end of 2020 the first generation units can then be delivered.

Peter Ostermeier, Managing Director of Klaus Ostermeier GmbH about the new product in the company portfolio

“It is important to me to make a contribution to a world worth living in in the future. I am convinced that we must therefore significantly reduce our emissions in general and especially our CO2 emissions in particular. Hydrogen is one possible answer to this problem. Hydrogen from renewable electricity is environmentally friendly and only water vapour is produced when it is converted back into electricity. Therefore, the first logical step for us is to bring a device for hydrogen production onto the market. This is primarily intended to offer a solution for the many decentralised PV systems that will soon no longer receive any subsidies”.

About Klaus Ostermeier GmbH

Founded in 1978 in Eching near Munich, Klaus Ostermeier GmbH is the world market leader for premium waste disposal systems for waste, laundry and paper. The product portfolio of the company, which has been based in Schweitenkirchen since 1991, now includes a wide range of services in sheet metal and metal processing. Since 2014 Klaus Ostermeier GmbH has held a majority stake in Phoenix Thermal Solutions GmbH, which offers convection ovens worldwide. The customers can always rely on the competence in planning, execution and service.


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Stack S30 from H-TEC Systems, © Klaus Ostermeier GmbH

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