Hydrogen for the city of Pfaffenhofen

On 21 February 2020, Andreas Herschmann, candidate for district administrator and board member of the citizen energy cooperative of Pfaffenhofen, visited Klaus Ostermeier GmbH in Schweitenkirchen. During this visit he asked Peter and Dr. Markus Ostermeier about the current development status of their modular electrolysis. The Ostermeier brothers are working on a modular electrolysis in the power range between 5-30 kW. It is intended to help operators of medium-sized photovoltaic plants to give their (surplus) electricity in the form of hydrogen a longer life. The hydrogen produced by electrolysis can be stored for later conversion into electricity or used as fuel in mobility applications.

A more detailed report on the visit of District Administrator candidate Andreas Herschmann can be found here:

Wasserstoff Elektrolyse für Pfaffenhofen