Customized hydrogen applications for your needs


Many companies and research institutes require small quantities of hydrogen and so far have had to purchase it in cylinders at high cost. Local H2 production is cheaper.

Ideal for a demand of 500 kg hydrogen per year or more.


More and more vehicles such as forklifts, cargo bikes and motorcycles can be powered by hydrogen. Local hydrogen production saves fuel transportation.

Ideal for up to 10 hydrogen-powered forklifts.


Hydrogen is ideal for storing large amounts of energy over long periods of time (“seasonal storage”). In this way, the sun can be harvested in summer for use in winter. This creates local energy autonomy, e.g. even in remote locations such as mountain huts.

Suitable for all buildings with a PV system with more than 20 kWp capacity. If you would like more information, please download the brochure here: H2-Battery (download).