About us

We EmPower People. Ubique Terrarum.

Our vision is to empower local communities to achieve local energy independence and local energy value creation with modular hydrogen solutions.

Worldwide. On site.

Energy enables autonomy.

Having self-determined access to energy is a necessary prerequisite for the autonomy of individuals and communities.

Electricity is the most valuable form of energy for humans. With photovoltaics, anyone can easily convert solar energy into electricity as long as the sun is shining.

Hydrogen is our answer to making energy available to people anywhere, anytime. With our hydrogen battery, people can conserve solar energy for dark and cold days. Hydrogen makes local energy autonomy possible.


Our Team

Dr. Markus Ostermeier


Peter Ostermeier


Hendrik Eikel

Product Development

Jessica Mandt

Product Development

Timo Schuseil

Business Development

Andreas Holzner

Working Student

Victor Antràs

Production Planning

Thomas Kaiser

Controls Development

Georg Maier

Electrical Engineering

Verena Mückenhausen

Business Development

Tobias Ott
Master Electrician
Vikram Kumar Malviya

Master’s Student

Peter Jöhl

Working Student

Michael Peter

Mechanical Engineering

Àngel González

Production Development

Katharina Ostermeier

Human Resources Management

Fabienne Heßberg

Working Student

Nikunj Mathukiya


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