Invest now and become part of OHS!

Become part of ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions (OHS)! From July 10, you have the chance to become part of our success story via a crowdinvesting financing round. We are again relying on our proven partnership with Companisto, the investor network with which we already conducted a successful financing round in 2021.

With your investment, you are helping us to produce the ECORE ONE even faster and in larger quantities and thus drive forward the energy transition. You are contributing to making our energy supply more crisis-proof, resilient, future-proof and sustainable. In addition, you will receive shares in OHS and benefit from the increase in value of our company.

In our video you can get to know the precursor of the ECORE ONE, our H2-Battery, as well as Dr. Markus Ostermeier and Peter Ostermeier, brothers and founders of OHS. Here the link to our company video:

How do we get the energy gained from spring, summer and fall into winter (link to our company video)?


How the investment works

To participate in the OHS business angel investment round, you only need three things: 1) you want to invest at least €10,000 in OHS, 2) access to the Companisto investor network and 3) a securities account.

Since investing in OHS via Companisto is a financial investment, there are some important rules for your protection that must be complied with.


Step-by-step instructions to your investment

Step 1: Registration at Companisto

  • You can register on Companisto here: Companisto OHS. The Companisto website will guide you through the entire registration process. Companisto is our financing partner.

Step 2: Submit your investment

  • Once you have successfully registered, you will find OHS listed under investment opportunities. Here you can submit your investment amount directly. First you place a bid; the money must be transferred at a later point in time.

Step 3: Identify yourself

  • To comply with financial regulations, Companisto must identify each investor once. The easiest way to do this is via video identification using a smartphone, tablet or your computer’s webcam. Alternatively, the Postident method is also possible. Companisto will contact you in due course to verify your identity.

Step 4: Connect your bank deposit

  • With your investment you acquire shares in OHS, which must be held in a securities account of your choice. You can use almost any securities account, be it with your bank or with an online broker. The securities account can also be created after your investment. If you have any questions, please contact Companisto’s free customer service. The most frequently asked questions about securities accounts are also explained here:


Further information and contact


Legal notice: The acquisition of this security is subject to considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested amount. The expected return is not guaranteed and may be lower.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much can I invest?

Investments between €250 – €25,000 are possible via Companisto. Most investments are between €2,000 – €10,000.

Would you like to invest more than €25,000? Then please contact us directly at

In which period can I invest?

The current financing round runs from July 10 to July 17.

What do I get for my investment?

Together with Companisto, we as OHS are offering professional investors the opportunity to invest in an ambitious, visionary company with a holistic approach and green technologies that will be essential in the future.

Your investment gives you a stake in OHS. Similar to a share, you benefit from the development of the company’s value.

The value of your investment can drop as well as rise considerably. You also have the opportunity to vote on certain strategic issues as part of shareholder resolutions. Your investment is therefore not a loan with a fixed interest rate and a fixed repayment date. You can find more information about your investment on the Companisto website at:

What is Companisto and why did OHS choose Companisto for a financing round?

Companisto is a professional investor platform that enables investments in startups. Via Companisto, interested parties can invest in startups in the Business Angel Club round from 10,000 euros and in the subsequent public financing round from as little as 250 euros, thus jointly providing solid financing for young companies.

We already conducted an investment round with Companisto in 2021. This raised around €1 million in investments.

Your investment will help us to scale up the production of the ECORE even faster and thus drive forward the energy transition.

Further information about your investment can be found on the Companisto website:

What is the ECORE ONE?

The ECORE ONE is a total energy supply solution for buildings that makes a building energy self-sufficient 365 days a year. Any building that has (i) a renewable power source with an annual production of at least 50,000 kWh, (ii) running water of drinking water quality and (iii) an open area of 30 square meters is a suitable candidate for the ECORE ONE. The ECORE ONE consists of an electrolyzer, high-pressure storage bottles for hydrogen, a fuel cell, an electric battery for short-term energy storage, a heat pump, heat and cold accumulators and an energy management system. With this overall system, the building’s energy requirements in the form of electricity and heat can be supplied from renewable energies all year round.

The ECORE ONE is produced by OHS itself and supplied as a fully configured system (“plug and play”). To get started with the ECORE ONE, customers only need to connect it to the PV system or any other renewable energy source. We will of course take care of the installation together with our service partners.

Click here to go to the ECORE ONE product page: ECORE ONE

What is our mission?

Our mission is “We emPower people”. The idea behind it is that we want to give communities back control of their energy supply and do so as locally as possible. We believe that a decentralized energy supply system is needed not only because of the intermittent power generation capacity of renewable energy, but also because it makes us as a community more resilient to geopolitical risks. Because we take this local approach very seriously, we also rely on a local installation and service partner network for our sales, which enables us to be on site with customers quickly and easily at any time.
In our company video, Markus and Peter Ostermeier explain what drives them at OHS.

Who are we?

OHS was founded by the brothers Dr. Markus Ostermeier and Peter Ostermeier in 2021 after the two brothers, together with Hendrik Eikel, the first employee of OHS, had been working on a modular electrolysis kit for hydrogen production since 2018. The OHS team currently consists of 15 employees. The team benefits in particular from the many years of industry and professional experience of Dr. Markus Ostermier, Peter Ostermeier and Thomas Kaiser (Control Development). The entire team can be found here.

How big is the market?

The ECORE is suitable for a large number of buildings worldwide, namely wherever there are seasons and the energy from summer needs to be stored for the winter. This is necessary in places with seasons because the energy demand in form of heat and electricity in the colder, darker months exceeds the energy production in these months. Even a battery alone cannot cover the demand in these months, as not enough PV electricity is produced to charge a battery.

With the first series, the ECORE ONE, we are targeting buildings that can generate at least 50,000 kWh (and up to 150,000 kWh) from renewable energy sources per year. This corresponds to a PV system with an output of at least 50 kWp (250 m² usable roof area) and up to 150 kWp. If we only count the registered PV systems in this size in Germany using the “Marktstammdatenregister”, Austria and Switzerland, we come up with 92,000 suitable buildings. Based on our initial production target of 400 systems per year, this market alone is worth €100 million.

Commercial and public buildings such as small and medium-sized companies, kindergartens, small residential quarters of up to 4-6 residential buildings, supermarkets, and small to medium-sized hotels or care facilities are ideal for the ECORE ONE. Large private homes also represent an attractive entry market, as their owners are often very interested in new products with green technology.

How advanced is the ECORE ONE? What level of product maturity does the ECORE ONE have?

The ECORE ONE is ready for (small) series production! The first prototype was delivered to Fulda University of Applied Sciences in August 2023. The final design of the ECORE ONE was presented to the global public at Intersolar Europe on June 19, 2024.

The ECORE ONE will now go on a roadshow through the DACH region in the coming months. We are currently preparing the production of the first ten ECORE ONE, the First Edition, in small series production. Production of the first series will start in fall 2024.

How has OHS been financed so far?

OHS was founded on 15.04.2021.

A successful investment round, including family & friends and the first crowdinvesting round with Companisto, secured around 1.4 million euros in capital by fall 2021. In 2021, OHS also received its first public grant as part of the ORBIT II research project. Two further research projects were added: VERKEL and electrolysis products for medical applications.

Since 2022, some of our sales partners have also been among the early supporters.

What awards have we and the ECORE ONE received so far?

In just three years since OHS was founded, we have developed from producing the first electrolysis with the ECORE ONE to becoming a provider of self-sufficient total energy supply solutions. We have always developed both – the hardware and the software of the product. The two seals, “INVEST – Zuschuss für Wagniskapital” and the “Forschungszulage”, are further proof that our development is innovative. The ECORE ONE has also received several awards this year – twice the German Innovation Award and the Red Dot Design Award. However, our focus was not only on product development.

From the very beginning, we have been planning long-term and internationally in the area of business development. We already have a Europe-wide sales partner network, which is being successively expanded worldwide (the next partner will probably cover a small part of the Asian market). We are also already in the process of setting up the structures and processes to enable rapid company growth and efficient onboarding. In addition, we expanded our product portfolio last year to include an alternative hydrogen storage technology (LOHC) and a hydrogen-powered engine, which is preferable to the fuel cell in some applications.

Most recently this year, we were honored as a supporter of Team Energiewende Bayern and are also involved in several associations, such as H2 Süd and Zukunft Gas.

What do we plan to do with the capital raised via Companisto?

We will start small series production of the ECORE ONE this fall. Your investment will help us to pre-finance the purchase of materials and thus quickly set up and implement small series production. In addition, investments will be made in setting up an OHS training academy to qualify the steadily growing number of service and installation partners so that they can install and maintain the ECORE ONE completely independently at the customer’s premises. As heating installation companies, our partners generally already have extensive knowledge in the field of building technology, but this is to be supplemented with a well-founded training concept in the field of hydrogen. Thirdly, part of the capital raised will be used to equip a service car for OHS.

In the medium term, we are already planning to ramp up ECORE series production to around 400 units per year. Your investment will therefore also go into scaling up production, marketing and sales, as well as the further technical development of the ECORE with regard to an AI- driven energy management system.